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About CLC
CLC Mission

The Cancer Leadership Council (CLC) was formed in 1993 by eight cancer patient organizations that wished to voice the concerns of cancer survivors during the debate on reform of the health care system. At that time, the CLC focused on initiatives that would guarantee cancer survivors access to high quality care provided by cancer specialists.

The CLC has grown to approximately 30 groups as additional cancer patient organizations, professional societies, and research organizations have joined the CLC's collective policy and advocacy efforts. The agenda of the CLC is set by the participating organizations, and CLC positions represent the consensus of the groups. The CLC participants bring diverse points of view to the group, and the activities and issues that engage the CLC have broadened. Despite the CLC's expanded numbers and activities, however, the CLC agenda remains patient-centered.

The CLC is engaged in a wide range of issues, but they relate to a fundamental goal of ensuring cancer patients access to high quality care. Issues of ongoing concern to CLC members include:

  • Initiatives to enhance the quality of cancer care;
  • Development of appropriate systems of care for cancer survivors;
  • Implementation of health reform;
  • Adequate funding for biomedical research;
  • Appropriate third-party coverage of cancer therapies; and
  • Improvements in the process for approval of new anti-cancer therapies.

We hope visitors to the CLC Web site will spend some time in our Policy Issues section to gain an appreciation of the group's interests and activities



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